Why should I switch?

Because it makes sense to switch! Imagine this, you’re driving down the street and you need gas. You look to your left and see gas station A and it has gas for $3.00 a gallon, now you look to your right and you see Gas Station B that has gas at $2.70 a gallon. Which one are you going to buy (as long as it is the same quality of gas)? Gas Station B’s gas, right? Why? Because you’re getting the same thing but for cheaper! Switching doesn’t increase or decrease the efficiency or reliability of your electricity – it just keeps more dollars in your pocket!

How much does it cost to switch?

Zilch! Nada!

The switching process itself is free i.e. as long as your lights are on the time of your switch you won’t be charged a penny for the switch. *

(Special request may incur a small fee)

*Sometimes when the customer opts for a “priority” switch there is nominal fee that is assessed by the TDSP due to the special request.

How long does it take to switch?

Depending upon your TDSP, the switch can take up to 7 business days.

Will my lights be turned off during the switching process?

As there is no changing of power lines and services, you will have lights on during the switch. In fact you won’t even see your lights flicker when they are being switched. Please make sure you don’t have a past due balance or a disconnection notice with your current provider to avoid any interruptions.

During a power outage will my neighbor who hasn’t switched get priority on restoring services over me?

As per the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) – a TDSP cannot discriminate on its provision of services based on the current Retail Electric Provider being utilized. The TDSP charges a regulated price decided by the PUCT to each customer whether that customer has switched or not, therefore there is economically no incentive for the TDSP to discriminate in its services.


Will I get my bill from Power-Mark Energy Resources?

No, Power-Mark Energy Resources acts as your broker to get you the best rates & agreements. You will pay your bill directly to the provider whose agreement you chose for your electricity needs.

Why should I choose Power-Mark Energy Resources versus going directly with the provider?

The reason is quite simple, we provide the platform for your business to get the biggest energy companies in world that bring in billions of dollars in revenue to compete to get your business – when energy companies compete, you win!

Also due to large volume of energy sales made by us daily, we have specially negotiated rates, rebates, incentives and terms that the provider won’t provide to someone calling in directly.

How much does Power-Mark charge for its services?

Power-Mark Energy Resources does not charge the customer a single penny for their services. Power-Mark is compensated by the provider you choose after you have completed the enrollment process.

Can I pay my bill through Power-Mark?

We don’t accept any payments on behalf of the provider. However, you can make your payments directly with the provider or most Western Union or MoneyGram locations.

Will I have to pay a deposit?

Majority of our customers are not required to pay a deposit, however, if a customer does not have adequate credit history they may be required to pay a deposit as per Public Utility Commission of Texas norms.

We will let you know before you are switched on your requirement for a deposit, if you decide not to pay the deposit you will not be switched and your switch will be cancelled.

Is there a cancellation fee? Why?

Yes, just like any other fixed rate contract there is a cancellation fee. When a provider gives you a fixed rate they have to buy all the usage during the term of your electricity upfront to lock in their own cost, if you cancel and they have to incur a loss in unwinding that position they will have to charge you for it.

What is my cancellation fee?

Depends upon your agreement, in some cases it is a fixed amount and it some cases it is a simple calculation based how much financial loss the provider took while cancelling your contract. Please consult with your Energy Advisor about what your cancellation terms are.

"My lights are off. Should I call Power-Mark?"

If you’re lights are off due to non-payment of bill please contact your provider to clear you’re account of any dues.

If you’re lights are off due to a power outage or emergency you should contact your local poles & wires company at the following number(s):

Oncor Electric Delivery: 1-888-313-4747
CenterPoint Energy Services: 1-800-332-7143
American Electric Power: 1-866-223-8508
Texas New Mexico Power: 1-888-866-7546
ComEd: 1-800-334-7661
Ameren: 1-800-755-5000
BGE: 1-800-685-1023

I have a billing issue, who should I call?

Please contact your provider directly on the phone number provided on your last bill, if you need our help we will be glad to be of any assistance. You can reach our operator at 214-884-2020 ext. 200 and she will route you to the right person or department.


Are all the positions commission-only?

No, not all the positions are commission only.

How long does it take to get paid after I sign up a customer?

PMR pays to the field as PMR gets paid by the clients. Commercial acquisitions are paid every Wednesday. Residential Acquisitions are paid every Thursday in Texas, Monday in Maryland.

Base Pays, Performance Draws are paid on a weekly basis that mirror the sales week from the compensation structure by provider

When are incentives paid?

Commercial Incentives are usually paid the same week as the commissions are paid. Occasionally incentives for the commercial division are paid within a day or two of winning the incentive. Residential Incentives are paid primarily daily- following day of the incentive or the same day on occasion. Some residential incentives are paid weekly corresponding to the sales week period.

Do I need to have experience to join?

Experience is a plus, but not required. Our in-depth training program, elite preferred partners and best-in-class back office will give you all the tools you will need to be successful in this business. We do require candidates who work hard, are coachable and have a positive attitude.

The remaining positions will require experience but we don’t hire resumes we hire individuals, so your best bet is to:

  • Read through the positions available in the Careers section
  • Choose a position
  • Send your resume to Careers@PowerMarkResources.com with a brief paragraph on why we should be interested in you.

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