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Energy Deregulation

In the past, companies and consumers had no choice on who serviced their electricity and gas needs. The incumbent energy company handled your energy generation, transmission and distribution. In essence, the incumbent energy provider had a monopoly in their service area. 

Since then, we have seen state legislatures and the PUC in various states deregulate energy.

Deregulation gives companies and residents the ability to choose their electricity company. We now have the choice of choosing our energy supplier, type of energy plan, and energy contract term. Companies that make the right energy decisions have decreased their energy cost and taken full advantage of energy deregulation in their area. To find out if your company is located in a deregulated zip code, please give us a call at 214-884-2020.

In some states, companies have the option of choosing between 20 plus energy suppliers. However, the transmission and distribution of the energy is still regulated. This is the actual delivery of the electricity or gas through the poles, wires and pipelines by your local utility company. The utility company in your area is responsible for any power outages, wires/poles issues, emergencies, etc. The PUC regulates the transmission and distribution for safety and reliability.


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